We’ve been hard at work at a new project for Caffeine. This has taken us the entirety of 2016 as we wanted to shift the group’s focus to a completely niche market. We hope you’ll understand once you see it in action.

Caffeine Neo is a completely new step for the group, that revolves around taking anime in English, and creating Japanese subtitles for them. Your favorite shows like Bojack Horseman (or 進撃の馬人, as the show will be known as from now on), Rick and Morty (リックとモルティの奇妙な冒険) will now be subtitled in Japanese for the first time ever.

We hope you understand why it took so long to get these projects started, and we hope you’ll enjoy watching them in the future. These releases will be under the Caffeine Neo label, and we plan to release them soon.

Yo lyger deleted my post at EveTaku about this joint, every please yell at him for ruining the fun.

EveTaku, much like caffeine, is basically dead anyway, so it’s no better than fuel for the memes

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Plastic Memories has been dropped due to a mix of staff unavailability, disillusionment, dislike for the show, and multiple issues with scheduling and circumstance. Even if we decided to persevere, I am not confident that we would be able to finish the show with a minimum standard of quality.

This was a long time in coming and many of you probably saw this coming. I apologize for how long it took to come to this decision.

On a related note, we are continuing with our efforts in Mikagura School Suite, expect a release sometime soon.

Hey all,


Editor for Nagato Yuki-chan here. I wanted to at least give an update on our project. I can’t say anything about Mikagura, Veggies, or PlaMemo, so don’t ask me to.


Short answer is: The project is stalled indefinitely for the time being. Both the TL and I have each had some tough IRL stuff going on lately, and because of that, enthusiasm for the project has waned. Given that he’s out of commission for a while and that I can’t decide if I want to continue or just throw my computer out of my apartment window, I think it’s the safest thing just to put it away for now.


Long answer is— and I’m going to try and keep this from being a personal rant: Most, if not all, of the staff working on the project knew we’d have to shelve it or do something else around this time. My personal opinion is that somehow the TL and I have wound up working on shitty shows time and time again, and we were both pretty tired of writing about girls having food orgasms and poorly executed little girl dramas. We picked up Nagato because we had both read the manga and most of the staff really enjoyed Kyoto Animation’s adaptation. We hoped that it would be a fresh change of pace, and to some extent, it was, but as the script and typesetting got really intensive, people were slaving away on what should have been a fun project. Delays on typesetting, delays on encoding, delays on translation and editing. It kept happening, and we kind of puttered along.


And then there was about an eight day period where we didn’t hear from our TL. I had no idea what was going on, and I was getting angry about it. That was episode 04. When it finally got translated, I had my own IRL crap crop up and it took me another week or so to actually get at the script. By that point, episode 05 and 06 were also on my plate, and we agreed that it was reasonable to at least make it to 06 before shelving it. I just wanted a plan at the time, but the more I looked at the translated scripts for 05 and then 06, the more I dreaded sitting down to work on them. It wasn’t fun. I didn’t feel like I was gaining anything out of it, and so I just didn’t do it. One of our typesetters even offered to help me edit through the backlog, but I just couldn’t bring myself to even think about doing it. I thought about the whole problem for a while, and I realized this isn’t what I wanted to be doing, so I talked to the timer and the encoder and told them I was done for now.


So… yeah… shelved. We’ll come back to it eventually maybe. Depends on if the TL wants to and if the rest of us want to. I don’t know when that’ll be, though.