An Update

Hey all,


Editor for Nagato Yuki-chan here. I wanted to at least give an update on our project. I can’t say anything about Mikagura, Veggies, or PlaMemo, so don’t ask me to.


Short answer is: The project is stalled indefinitely for the time being. Both the TL and I have each had some tough IRL stuff going on lately, and because of that, enthusiasm for the project has waned. Given that he’s out of commission for a while and that I can’t decide if I want to continue or just throw my computer out of my apartment window, I think it’s the safest thing just to put it away for now.


Long answer is— and I’m going to try and keep this from being a personal rant: Most, if not all, of the staff working on the project knew we’d have to shelve it or do something else around this time. My personal opinion is that somehow the TL and I have wound up working on shitty shows time and time again, and we were both pretty tired of writing about girls having food orgasms and poorly executed little girl dramas. We picked up Nagato because we had both read the manga and most of the staff really enjoyed Kyoto Animation’s adaptation. We hoped that it would be a fresh change of pace, and to some extent, it was, but as the script and typesetting got really intensive, people were slaving away on what should have been a fun project. Delays on typesetting, delays on encoding, delays on translation and editing. It kept happening, and we kind of puttered along.


And then there was about an eight day period where we didn’t hear from our TL. I had no idea what was going on, and I was getting angry about it. That was episode 04. When it finally got translated, I had my own IRL crap crop up and it took me another week or so to actually get at the script. By that point, episode 05 and 06 were also on my plate, and we agreed that it was reasonable to at least make it to 06 before shelving it. I just wanted a plan at the time, but the more I looked at the translated scripts for 05 and then 06, the more I dreaded sitting down to work on them. It wasn’t fun. I didn’t feel like I was gaining anything out of it, and so I just didn’t do it. One of our typesetters even offered to help me edit through the backlog, but I just couldn’t bring myself to even think about doing it. I thought about the whole problem for a while, and I realized this isn’t what I wanted to be doing, so I talked to the timer and the encoder and told them I was done for now.


So… yeah… shelved. We’ll come back to it eventually maybe. Depends on if the TL wants to and if the rest of us want to. I don’t know when that’ll be, though.


  1. Thanks for the update. I think you did a great job with the series and I hope you will continue someday.

      1. None of that shit matters.

        A lazy unreliable flake is still a lazy unreliable flake. Paid or not, obligated or not.

      1. Lemon Scan’s sub is unexpectedly good. It’s somewhat unconventional (you’ll see it when you watch their episodes), but it’s not bad. And it’s waaaay better than CR.

        1. I’m not really sure in what way you mean “unconventional”, but thanks, I guess. I kind of fell into working on the series on a whim, and have really been learning as I go along, since I’ve never worked on anime before. Hopefully I’m not doing anything too crazy without realizing it ^_^

          Also, it’s worth noting that HorribleSubs’ rip of Yuki-chan is from Funimation, not Crunchyroll, which is why it’s so bad.

          1. You make the thing? If you do, can you make the thought lines a little darker? Light Pink is a bit weird to read fast.

            Thanks anyway.

  2. First of all, thank you kaylith for everything…you guys are awesome…
    We really appreciate what you do and the effort you put on translating these shows…we thank you for that…
    You do high quality subs and you try to do everything perfect…
    You guys deserve a break…
    And you also deserve to have fun while you do what you do…
    We hope you guys settle down and work things out…
    Take your time…and please come back…stronger with great, awesome, badass shows you love…^ ^

  3. That sucks, but thanks for the update. I ended up dropping Nagato Yuki anyways though, so it doesn’t personally affect me much.

  4. oh , jugding from the comment. he/she seems to be talking about all the projects as a whole. i was confused when () only mention one anime. but thanks

  5. kantaisubs for anyone watching plastic memories, it’s better then the other crap out there. especially horrorbie(crunchy) and commie is not a very friendy

    1. Yeah, Kantai guys should be good for plastic memories.

      Anyway, thank you editor guy for giving us more info about the show.

      1. Literally. The. First. Paragraph.

        “I can’t say anything about Mikagura, Veggies, or PlaMemo, so don’t ask me to.”

        And Rolling Girls is most likely stuck at Vale playing KanColle. LUL

          1. Rolling Girls is also brought to you buy the benevolent fuckers at Commie.
            I’d say Chihiro for Mikagura but not even they finished it as of yet (wtf)

    2. I like Commie’s script a little bit more. And no, there are no memes. But both options (Commie and Kantai) are good.

  6. So, are all the animes ”dropped” that you did till now? Like Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku?
    Also, thanks for the hard work!
    We really appreciate the time and effort you put into fansubbing!

    1. Cezar: “Literally. The. First. Paragraph.

      ‘I can’t say anything about Mikagura, Veggies, or PlaMemo, so don’t ask me to.’ “

  7. Thanks for breaking the silence. I really enjoyed what you were doing, and I’m sorry that you didn’t, but that’s life. I hope things sort out well for you all.

  8. Thanks for the update.

    I’ll be sure to put you at the top of my ‘subgroups to avoid’ list from now on.

  9. Thanks for the update and your efforts so far. Hopefully you’ll come back to it, but don’t feel obliged. IRL stuff always takes precedence.

  10. I’m real disappointed about this and I’m sick of this happening time and time again with small fansub groups but I think you explained your reasons well and actually owned up, and said you couldn’t do the project anymore and for that I’m grateful, thanks for respecting your users.

    Also really enjoyed what you did do so while this makes me pretty sad thanks for the work you did.

  11. Thanks for all the episodes you have released up until now. Regardless of what happens next, I wish all the best to everyone on the team and appreciate the effort that has been put in. <3

  12. Well, it’s a shame real life had to intervene, but thanks much for all the hard work you guys put in. Don’t let the bastards get you down.

  13. And about Yuki-chan, you should maybe contact “Lemon”. The subs are okay, but the encode is so fucking bad. Maybe the encoder can help them out :(

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