The State of Things

Plastic Memories has been dropped due to a mix of staff unavailability, disillusionment, dislike for the show, and multiple issues with scheduling and circumstance. Even if we decided to persevere, I am not confident that we would be able to finish the show with a minimum standard of quality.

This was a long time in coming and many of you probably saw this coming. I apologize for how long it took to come to this decision.

On a related note, we are continuing with our efforts in Mikagura School Suite, expect a release sometime soon.


  1. I really like PlaMemo, but you don’t need to gomennasai. There are alternatives.
    I’m looking forward to your Mikagura since I like this show too.

    1. I like plastic memories too. but i think caffeine liked sora no method more and i did too. NOW THEY OFFICIALLY DROPPED THIS, i have to see what they will sub after spring is over

  2. This has turned out to be a disappointing season. Can’t really complain about free but the lack of consistency means I won’t be following you guys for the Summer 2015 season.

  3. Things are looking bleak…

    You guys forgot to drop Rolling Girls too while at it

    Mikagura may soon follow…

    I dislike eating my vegetables so it doesn’t matter…

    Then it will be Caffeine ~we are sleeping forever~

  4. What’s up with all the buthurt comments here? They just dropped a show that they were subbing for fucking free!
    Yes, I’m a bit sad that I can’t watch Plastic Memories from Caffeine anymore, but so what? It’s their own decision and it’s not something that we as fans can complain about…

      1. If you’re comparing dropping a show with rape, a horrendous crime, then there’s really something wrong with you…

    1. Anyone’s allowed to express their disappointment because even for free, sloppy is sloppy. Being free doesn’t mean you can’t call poor performance when you see it. No one’s crying for them to pick the shows back up. If anything I’m glad they came out with this so I can go ahead and finish these shows on CR because any subs are better than watching episodes as widely spaced than these.

  5. I just hope you don’t drop BAR Kiraware Yasai, seeing as you’re the only group subbing it.

    Fans of depressed vegetables everywhere are relying on you…

  6. The only 2 shows I decided to watch from you guys. You slipped up with both…Nagato Yuuki I understand; compared to Suzumiya by KyoAni it is kind of underwelming, but come on Plamemo was a good show; nice visuals, good characters en a decent plot. Maybe it is time to consider retirement… If this trend continues you’re not doing either of us a favor. Not yourself, because fansubbing is a lot of work; nor us, because we have to switch subs midway and then work our backlogs back…just saying….

  7. I switched to Kantai because you guys were so slow anyways, but I can’t say I’m not a little disappointed. RIP Kaylith, it was the best while it lasted…

  8. Agreed. If you can’t fucking finish what you started, then do the community a favor and just retire. It’s not that I’m begging you to “work” on providing free subs, but if you can’t commit yourself to the task in the first place, then don’t.

  9. RIP this group. Given the Fyurie drama a while back I thought Kaylith 2.0 might be better without him but it appears not. Thank you for your fantastic work on Zankyou and other shows back under your previous name. If you ever decide to pick up more shows in the future please make it only one per season since three is clearly too much to handle for a relatively small group. I would like to watch future releases from you guys if possible.

    1. Heh, Fyurie’s doing much better right now over at GJM. Worth checking out, they’re doing Charlotte, Danchigai, God Eater and Akagami for this season.

    2. I don’t know if I’d have called caffeine a small group, Xavier.

      Shame key staffers just vanished mid-season though, nothing you can do about that unfortunately, no matter how much you try to watch out for it and prevent it.

  10. It is a shame when a great group loses the fire for a great show, but I can understand not wanting to work on something you don’t like. Plus, you are doing this for free, so disregard all of the lame ass, negative comments and do what you want.What I can’t understand is you subbing as show about veggies, to each their own. I just want you to know, I think your work has been great, and it is appreciated. Thank you very much!

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