Mikagura School Suite – 04


This release is dedicated to puddi, may he rest in peace and find salvation.

This will be the last TV release, as we’ve stalled long enough that the BDs are coming out, so Helltilt won’t have to rake his eyes out over the ridiculous blending.

720p: Torrent


  1. All the RIP *Insert Group Member Name Here* things seriously confuse me now since I’m pretty sure some members of the fansubbing scene actually have died recently.
    Anyway thanks for the release and RIP Puddi.

  2. Must be hard for you guys after all the hatin’ and whatnot. Well, i don’t want to play the blame game here as everyone else is as much as guilty, so i just get to the point. First of all i’m really grateful for all the people such as u guys that willing to spare some time doing anime fansub. Anime is for the entertainment, well for most of us and might differ for some people. Most of fansubbers here or anywhere else are veteren so u really know what u r doing so i won’t touch on that subject. The main problem here i think is about etiquette, it doesn’t have to be too militarish style for us to be responsible. i’m out of word hahaha, well it is better to finish up whatever we started u know as it also affect reputation. arghhh, what am i sayin? is it true, i’m not that good at english, sorry, i’ve got tons to say in my own language, it’s more towards lecture mind u. well, i better stop now before someone else startin to hate me. this is not my style to put on a comment for something, sorry my bad, i will keep on watching from the shadows and zip my mouth err, i mean hand, whatever…

  3. Thanks for the release, and thanks for clearing up the status of the project.
    I hope things work out for you guys since you seem to have hit a rough patch as a group, but I love your work.

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