Announcing Caffeine Neo

We’ve been hard at work at a new project for Caffeine. This has taken us the entirety of 2016 as we wanted to shift the group’s focus to a completely niche market. We hope you’ll understand once you see it in action.

Caffeine Neo is a completely new step for the group, that revolves around taking anime in English, and creating Japanese subtitles for them. Your favorite shows like Bojack Horseman (or 進撃の馬人, as the show will be known as from now on), Rick and Morty (リックとモルティの奇妙な冒険) will now be subtitled in Japanese for the first time ever.

We hope you understand why it took so long to get these projects started, and we hope you’ll enjoy watching them in the future. These releases will be under the Caffeine Neo label, and we plan to release them soon.


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